Waste Matters Nigeria Limited: is a Nigerian owned and registered company that was incorporated in the year 1998, to conduct multifarious businesses, amongst which include the following:-  Waste Management:

  • Evacuation and disposal of both solid and liquid waste under existing legislations and procedures.
  • Designing, construction, and installation of waste management equipments and facilities for both Solid and Liquid.
  • Maintenance of existing waste management facilities/equipment.
  • Preparation of suitable waste management plan and enforcement.
  • Recycling and reductions of waste.

 Environmental Management Consultancy

  • Environmental impact Assessment
  • Environmental Evaluation Report
  • Environmental Audit
  • Post Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Management Plan

 Monitoring and Analysis

  • Sewage/ Waste Water Effluent analysis
  • Sludge analysis
  • Drilling waste monitoring/analysis
  • Inorganic/organic analysis
  • Hazardous substances analysis
  • Ground water monitoring/analysis
  • Rain water analysis
  • Facility/equipment monitoring

 Air Quality Test: To measure various particulate, gaseous pollution and noise level.

Recovery and Remediation

(a)   Using natural raw materials and biological methods.

  • Mechanical and encapsulation method.

Pest Control/Fumigation

  • Using specified environmentally friendly chemicals to destroy or expel pest from unwanted locations
  • Use of electronic pest control devices to repel pest and vectors.

Cleaning, Gardening and Horticultural Services

Providing Modern Cleaning Techniques using the right tools and personnel. Our Gardening and horticultural experience is our strong hold.

 Training Mobilization and Re-Orientation

  • Public Education/Enlightenment
  • Workshop and seminars
  • Community Information Services
  • Socio-economic studies/ survey


We are well known for our quality and durable PPE supplies to our client’s satisfaction as we endeavour to provide the right equipment, durable at a reasonable price, our range include but not limited to, fall protections, Head/face protection, eye protection, protective clothing’s, respiratory protection, work gloves, rain water protection, safety shoes/boots etc.

 Our Vision: To ensure a healthy environment through effective waste management and sanitation.

 Mission Statement:

  • Promote and maintain effective waste management and sanitation culture at all times.
  • Maintain the highest professional competence, excellence and ethics in performing all tasks.
  • Ensuring that experienced and most suitable persons perform specific tasks.
  • Create an environment for a world class company.
  • Adopt current and suitable methods in conducting services
  • Perform all tasks, with the same level of responsibility and commitment.
  • Sustain prompt and effective services for all clients.

Our Abilities:

Waste Matters Nigeria Ltd is well equipped to implement all facets of the various businesses enumerated above. Our tested qualified personnel and consultants in various areas, who compliment the quality of service we envisage are part of our stronghold.