The need for effective waste management in our various areas of influence cannot be over emphasized as it’s no longer news globally that the overall activities of man are responsible for the climate change and the continuous disasters been witnessed in recent time. In view we have decided to give as many that want to know and those looking for possible businesses to engage in the waste management sector a free online series weekly to make them knowledgeable and professionals.

To create Effective Waste Management culture, open the opportunities and Gains of the trade.

Waste matters Nigerian Limited is a Nigerian owned registered company, that was incorporated in the year 1998, to conduct multifarious businesses, amongst which include the following,
(a) Public Education/Enlightenment
(b) Workshop and seminars
(c) Community Information Services
(d) Socio-economic studies/ survey
(e) Environmental studies
(f) Waste management services
(g) General Environmental services

Details on our web site:

FOCUS: Is to equip employees whose major responsibilities it is to ensure a clean and healthy environment with the knowledge of modern methods, skills, benefits, procedures, regulations etc. and also new entrants in the business of waste management.

To evolve a new attitude towards waste management, by using proven information and methods to conduct waste management activities for the overall advantage of all concerned, and create valuable jobs and trade.

· Introduction to waste management
· Environment aspect of waste management
· Biological and chemical aspect of waste management
· Problems of waste management
· Waste management plan
· Planning and research methods
· Waste management facilities
· Recovery, re-use and re-cycling
· Legal aspect
· Policies and enforcement
· Drill waste and cuttings
· Investment opportunities in waste management

Download Introduction to waste management from this link