Waste Management:

  • Evacuation and disposal of both solid and liquid waste under existing legislations and procedures.
  • Designing, construction, and installation of waste management equipments and facilities for both Solid and Liquid.
  • Maintenance of existing waste management facilities/equipment.
  • Preparation of suitable waste management plan and enforcement.
  • Recycling and reductions of waste.
  • Exhibitions, Conferences and Awards.

Environmental Management Consultancy

  • Environmental impact Assessment
  • Environmental Evaluation Report
  • Environmental Audit
  • Post Impact Assessment
  • Environmental Management Plan

Drainage Management

  • Drainage Management Plan
  • Operation and Maintenance of Drainage Systems
  • Analysis of surface and sub-surface drainage systems

Monitoring and Analysis

  • Sewage/ Waste Water Effluent analysis
  • Sludge analysis
  • Drilling waste monitoring/analysis
  • Inorganic/organic analysis
  • Hazardous substances analysis
  • Ground water monitoring/analysis
  • Rain water analysis
  • Facility/equipment monitoring

Air Quality Test: To measure various particulate, gaseous pollution and noise level.

Recovery and Remediation

(a)   Using natural raw materials and biological methods.

(b)   Mechanical and encapsulation method.

Pest Control/Fumigation

  • Using specified environmentally friendly chemicals to destroy or expel pest from unwanted locations
  • Use of electronic pest control devices to repel pest and vectors.

Electronic Pest Control Devices:

Small devices for specific pest, plugged to electricity to emit ultrasonic sounds, which repels specific pest or vector. Some have dual effect, inclusive of electromagnetic effects, which create un-conducive effect for pest.

Personal Protective Equipment:

We are well known for our quality and durable PPE supplies to our client’s satisfaction as we endeavor to provide the right equipment, durable at a reasonable price, our range include but not limited to, fall protections, Head/face protection, eye protection, protective clothing’s, respiratory protection, work gloves, rain water protection, safety shoes/boots etc.

Cleaning, Gardening and Horticultural Services:

Providing Modern Cleaning techniques using the right tools and personnel. Our Gardening and horticultural experience is our strong hold.

Training Mobilization and Re-Orientation

  • Public Education/Enlightenment
  • Workshop and seminars
  • Community Information Services
  • Socio-economic studies/ survey

Water Engineering and Treatment

  • Drilling and installation of Boreholes.
  • Design and installation of water treatment plant.
  • Installation and maintenance of special water storage tanks.
  • Water Analysis


We undertake the collection, transportation, destruction & disposal of all confidential, sensitive materials and guarantee a secured process.

  • Cart away and destroy unused confidential document
  • Handling & control destruction by shredding and burning.


Waste Matters Nig Limited is a fully equipped oil analysis laboratory staffed by highly trained analysts and offers a complete line of oil analysis services.


We offer a comprehensive raw material testing & Analysis Services.