Pest Control ServicesNuisance from flies, rats or mice is a problem everybody encounters and we all know about the associated problems and risks, besides disease transmission, they damage buildings, furniture’s and makes them dirty, and they cause physical nuisance to people and animals, they are also vectors for all manner of diseases. Pest control requires the right approach. So check us out with our complete range of pest control methods for successfully pest management.

As society demands faster, more cost-efficient, sustainable solutions to residential and commercial pest problems, we have encapsulated viable solution to the various challenges you face. We can help you meet those challenges with top active ingredients, innovative formulations and delivery systems, plus dedicated customer support.

Our professional pest management portfolio combines the industry’s smartest products and strategies to provide you with innovative approaches to existing and emerging pest control challenges.

At Waste Matters, we utilize our unique strengths and resources to solve those challenges that pest creates today and in the future. We are accredited to render these services and guarantee customers satisfaction.

We offer a wide range of solution on:

  • Residential areas
  • Commercial environments
  • Industrial / warehouses
  • Food and Agro sectors
  • Municipal solutions for epidemic control
  • Transport sector
  • Marine facilities
  • Sales of pest control facilities and consumables

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Pest Control Services by Waste Matters Nig Ltd

Pest Control Services by Waste Matters Nig Ltd2