Waste Matters Nigeria Limited: is a Nigerian owned and registered company that was incorporated in the year 1998, to conduct multifarious businesses, amongst which include the following:-

  • Environmental Studies
  • Waste Management
  • Monitoring and Analysis
  • Recovery and Remediation
  • Pest Control and Fumigation Services
  • Drainage Management
  • Cleaning, Gardening and Horticultural Services
  • Training Mobilization and Re-Orientation
  • Water engineering and treatment
  • Confidential/Sensitive Material Destruction Services
  • Oil Test Analysis
  • Raw Material Test & Analysis

Our Vision:

To ensure a healthy environment through effective waste management and sanitation.

Mission Statement:

  • Promote and maintain effective waste management and sanitation culture at all times.
  • Maintain the highest professional competence, excellence and ethics in performing all tasks.
  • Ensuring that experienced and most suitable persons perform specific tasks.
  • Create an environment for a world class company.
  • Adopt current and suitable methods in conducting services
  • Perform all tasks with the same level of responsibility and commitment.
  • Sustain prompt and effective services for all clients.

Our Abilities:

Waste Matters Nigeria Ltd is well equipped to implement all facets of the various businesses enumerated above. Our tested qualified personnel and consultants in various areas, who compliment the quality of service we envisage, are part of our stronghold.

Company Policies:

(a) Quality Assurance
All information or data produced by WMNL must be defensible, reliable and valid to clients; all services rendered must be in line with approved relevant standards.

(b) Health
The good health of each staff members on sustainable basis is a priority to the company. Hence the company operates a comprehensive health management policy for all staff. The company has first aid facilities at every work locations and retainership with established hospitals. Health logs and records are kept by the Admin department.

(c) Safety
The company places high premium on safety of personnel and equipment, hence safe attitude and ethic are inculcated in staff at all time. This is demonstrated through emphasis on standard safety procedure such as the use of appropriate wears and empowerment of every staff to suspend an activity considered unsafe or if the necessary PPE is not provided.

Hence WMNL has it as a policy, if it is not safe don’t do it.